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~ Fostering Independence - Learning to Succeed ~

MERRY CHRISTMAS! ..................... First day of Spring Term 2015 is Tuesday 6th January - we look forward to seeing everyone again then.

Stoke Fleming Primary School


 Our school is a very special place at the heart of our community where we aim to develop inspiring, confident and happy children. 
In September 2013 we worked closely with parents, children and staff to create our school vision, setting out how we would like to shape the future of the school and our children.  With a shared purpose we are all working hard to achieve great things!

 With foundations built on core values we all adhere to, our children are: Respectful, Caring, Resilient and Positive.  We firmly believe that happy children thrive and progress; therefore we begin by ensuring our children feel Safe and Secure.
As a Community we are:
Learning together
Global Citizens
Trying our best.

At all times we 'Aim High' to be the best we can be!

 Our lighthouse logo reflects perfectly our vision to ‘light the way’ and guide every member of our community to individual and shared success.  We enjoy sharing these successes, whether they be academic, sporting or musical; or about celebrating our children as role models who live and breathe our values.
We look forward to working in partnership as a community to bring our shared vision to life.  If you would like to find out more about our school, you are always welcome to visit and see for yourself!
Sarah Simnett
Head of School



                     ~Fostering Independence - Learning to Succeed~

Pineapple dancers take the show to London!

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After many weeks of rehearsals in the school hall, our group of dancers from year 3 to year 6 took their space-themed performance first to the Flavel theatre in Dartmouth, and then to the Pineapple dance studios in London. We travelled by train to London Paddington and then on the tube to Covent Garden.  For many, this was a first visit to London and there was great excitement over the sights and sounds we experienced!

Santa visits Stoke Fleming!

On Friday 12th December we held our Christmas Fair.  As always, each class had worked hard on making Christmas crafts to sell at the fair and the FRIENDS of the school organised refreshments and mince pies in the hall (thank you to Brian, our cook, for his delicious baking!).

Success at Youth Speaks


On Saturday 29th November two teams of Year 6 pupils attended the Youth Speaks competition at the Little Theatre in Torquay.  The contest is organised by the Rotary Club and teams of three are given a topic to speak about for a period of time.  The speaker is also required to answer a question from the audience.

Life in the Federation

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Our Locality

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